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About Me

Driven by passion for art and design and background in driving the design and the execution of forward thinking cutting edge campaigns for a variety of top level clients.
Elbanna expertise come from set production and graphic creation in many major media products including TV shows and movies production design and as a creative director for many media related projects and campaign.

Professional Experience

- “hekayat latifa” one of the high-end tv show presented by the diva Latifa directed by “akram farouk” and one of the best producers in Egypt
“content media” productions.
Eslam elBanna uses up a very high quality materials and an un competitive vision of built an interior design of Mohamed ali palace.

- “hrof mn noor” Dr.nadia omara the oriental architecture Islamic themes used for this tv show reflect our excellent vision of construction
and the high viewing rate tv show “ta’a eshrb shay” with the classy modern style theme.

- “horoob edterary” “akher deek f masr” we develop the look of the project in accordance with the directors vision he is the head of the art department and is involved in every stage of art development upon taking a job we review the script and meet with the director and senior production staff to discuss elements like setting and theme and how those qualities can be communicated through scenery set dressing props and costumes though we don’t participate in the creation of costumes the overall aesthetic of the production is established with our impute.

- “Vodafone” developed, rendered and expanded art concepts throughout production of advertising campaigns for region’s first largest telecom company.collaborated with creative team to develop art work for marketing initiatives.

- Song Cairo to Mohamed Mounir and Amr Diab ....
We have implemented the decor of the song at the highest level of technology and we used the latest trims to be taken to the scenes of the journey of Cairo and its landmarks and beauty striking where it merged with the lyrics of the song and the beauty of the city of Cairo.